Children & Family 子育て支援


Guide to the childcare and early-childhood education system 子ども・子育て支援新制度を紹介するガイドブック

The 'Comprehensive Support System for Children and Child-rearing' was introduced by the federal government in 2015 to ensure that every child in Japan grows up in a supported environment, and to enable every family to raise their children with peace of mind.

Please refer to the following information booklet to learn more about the the forms of childcare available and related support services, and for an overview of the application process.


Nursery Schools and Kindergartens in Matsudo City  松戸の保育園と幼稚園

If you are intending to put any of your children in a Japanese preschool, such as nursery school or kindergarten, please remember that on October 15th the preschools release their application papers and relevant information, and that the preschools will start accepting the applications exactly on November 1st. It is recommended that you submit your forms on November 1st in order to secure a place for your child.


But what are the differences between Japanese nursery schools (Hoikuen) and kindergartens (Yochien)?

Kindergartens are School 幼稚園は教育の場です

- A preschool education is not considered compulsory which is why the majority of kindergartens are privately-run in Japan. In fact, all kindergartens in Matsudo City are currently private. In contrast, licensed nursery schools, both public and private, are managed by the city (Matsudo City, Childcare Division) as child welfare facilities.

-Kindergartens basically offer three, two and one year programs, meant for three, four and five year old children respectively, while nursery schools are open to children from appx. 0 years old until they enter elementary school.

-The main difference between the two systems is that kindergartens are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as early childhood education, while nursery schools are facilities established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare under the concept of supporting daytime childcare. For this reason, nursery schools usually offer longer time period of childcare service than kindergartens.

With this perspective in mind, in the past, families who needed childcare while their children were still young due to dual income or nursing care often opted for nursery schools, but this is now changing.

Many kindergartens offer "Extended childcare" for extra fees (there are subsidies from goverment & city), and the city offers childcare facilities called "Sogei (Drop-off & Pick-up) Station" near train stations where children can be looked after before and after the kindergarten operating hours, which makes it easy for working parents to use kindergartens.
There are also nursery schools that incorporate kindergarten-like comprehensive learning into their care.

We hope you can visit and take a good look at many preschools with your own eyes, and find the one that will most suit your children.




[Download] Guide and application documents for nursery schools in Matsudo [外国語版] 松戸市 保育所(園)等 利用申込案内&各種申請書類ダウンロード

[Multi-lingual] Guide & Application Documents for Nursery Schools in Matsudo【外国語版】保育所(園)各種申請書ダウンロード

Child allowance applications ('jido-te-a-te') 「児童手当」の申請について

Download the following document for detailed information regarding the Child Allowance System -


'Min-guru' multicultural play sessions @ 'Hot Room Shin Matsudo' (public playspace) 海外パパママひろば「みんぐる」 @ ほっとるーむ新松戸

Every month the 'Hot Room Shin Matsudo' playspace holds a casual gathering for foreign parents and their babies (generally up to the age of 3) called 'Min-guru' (=mingle). The session is also popular amongst parents with foreign spouses, parents who have lived overseas in the past, and those who have an interest in foreign cultures. It is completely free and open to anyone with a young child (including families who do not reside in Matsudo).

Matsudo City's Coordinator of International Relations Erin paid a visit to 'Hot Room Shin Matsudo' in early 2017. Read about her impressions of the foreign parents and babies session by clicking here.

  • Date: Every 4th Thursday of the month
  • Time: 10:30 onwards (bring a packed lunch to eat afterwards if you like)
  • Location: 'Hot Room Shin Matsudo', Shin Matsudo 3-1-4
  • Fee: FREE (no reservations required)
  • More info: Refer the below poster, provided by Hot Room Shin Matsudo

毎月、ほっとるーむ新松戸では「海外パパママひろば みんぐる」が開催されます。対象は、小さい子供(一般的に3歳未満)とその親たちです(市外在住でもかまいません)。外国人市民だけではなく、外国人と結婚している方や海外に住んだ経験がある方、海外の文化に興味がある方々の間でも人気がある広場です。参加は無料です。

松戸市の国際交流員エリンは、平成29年上旬にほっとるーむ新松戸を訪ねみました。エリンの 「海外パパママひろば」の印象についてぜひ読んでみてください。

  • 日時:毎月第4木曜日、10時30分(お弁当を持って行くことをお勧めします!)
  • 場所:新松戸3丁目1の4 新松戸未来会館1階 (10時から18時、月曜は休日)
  • 費用:無料(予約不要)
  • URL: http://shinmatsudo.m-harmony.org/event/min-guru/


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