Disaster Awareness and Crime Prevention 防災・防犯


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How to prepare for an earthquake disaster 災害時(地震[じしん])準備のガイドブック

Japan is a country prone to large earthquakes. This is not something to be too worried about, however it is very important to educate yourself.

The following booklet is a multilingual publication (Jap. Eng. Chin. Kor. Port.) by the Fire & Disaster Management Agency, and provides useful information about how to best prepare yourself for an earthquake disaster, and what to do/where to go if a major earthquake strikes.

Don't be alarmed, be prepared!




Disaster Awareness animated video 防災啓発動画

In preparation for a large-scale disaster occurring in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the Tokyo International Communication Committee (TICC) have used the visually appealing and memorable medium of anime to make an educational video with the objective of conveying easy-to-understand disaster-prevention knowledge to foreign residents of Japan. The video outlines what be cautious of in the event of an earthquake, what to prepare in advance for an earthquake, and what to do if an earthquake occurs while at work or away from home.

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Municipally Designated Evacuation Areas in Matsudo 市内の避難所(にげる ところ)のリスト

Refer to the following document for a list of designated evacuation areas in Matsudo City. However if in doubt, you can evacuate to your nearest primary school or junior high school.

The list is taken directly from the 'Guide to Living in Matsudo City' booklet which can be downloaded from the 'Specific information about living in Matsudo City' section above.

松戸市の「市指定避難所一覧」(市内ないのにげる ところのリスト)は以下にあります。しかし、地震が起こってどこに行けばいいかが分からない場合、一番近小学校・中学校に逃げてください。

Matsudo City Water Hazard Map 松戸市内水ハザードマップ

The Matsudo City Water Hazard Map has been prepared to enable residents to make daily preparations and take actions against heavy ranfall, such as localized torrential rains that exceed the capacity of the sewerage system (storm sewers).
Please use this flood map to check whether your residence, etc., is at risk of flooding, to confirm evacuation sites, etc., and to take steps in your daily life to prepare against flood damage due to heavy rainfall. Available in English/Japanese/Chinese/Vietnamese.


Download "The Matsudo City Water Hazard Map" 松戸市内水ハザードマップのダウンロード

English 英語

Japanese 日本語

Chinese 中国語

Vietnamese ベトナム語

Western Chiba Prefectural Disaster Prevention Center 千葉県西部防災センター

The Western Chiba Prefectural Disaster Prevention Center is an experiential learning facility. Come and experience various countermeasures for disasters. Download the pamphlet below -


Emergency Information 緊急時の対応

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