Reclassification of COVID-19 and related policy changes 新型コロナ感染症の分類変更について


Japan to downgrade COVID-19 to ‘common infectious disease’ after May 8 / 新型コロナ「5類」引き下げ、5月8日から

Japan is to downgrade the legal status of the novel coronavirus to “Class 5” on May 8, 2023, the same category as common infectious diseases such as seasonal influenza, to ease COVID-19 prevention rules.

What will change when Japan reclassifies COVID-19 to class 5 (Guidelines after May 8, 2023)

Here are key policy changes in response to the reclassification of COVID-19 to class 5.

1. If you test positive with a test kit, or have symptoms of infection

As of May 8, 2023, it is no longer necessary to register as a COVID-19 patient. If you test positive voluntarily, please monitor your own health closely. If you have symptoms suspicious for COVID-19, such as fever, or if your symptoms worsen, please see your local healthcare provider.
If you have any questions regarding visiting the doctor, you can consult with the prefectural / municipal call centers.
[Chiba Prefecture] 0570-200-139 (available 24 hours a day, every day)
[Matsudo City] 0120-415-111 (weekdays 8:30 am - 5:00 pm)

2. Self-isolation and quarantine period

The law no longer requires people to refrain from going out, and it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to self-isolate. However, it is recommended that people refrain from going out for 5 days from the day of the onset of the disease to day 0, and also until 24 hours have passed after the disease has subsided. Also, for 10 days after the onset of disease, take care not to spread it to others by wearing a mask and avoiding contact with high-risk individuals.

There are also no restrictions on using public transportation, but please avoid crowds and take precautions against infection before using public transportation. Regarding work and school, etc., please follow the rules and regulations of your workplace, school, or other organization to which you belong.

Handling of Suspension of Attendance at Matsudo Municipal Elementary and Junior High Schools (Announcement by the Matsudo City Board of Education on May 8)

  1. Students who are confirmed to be infected with the COVID-19 will be suspended "until five days have passed since the onset of symptoms and one day has passed since the symptoms have subsided.
  2. It is recommended that the child wear a mask until 10 days after the onset of symptoms.
  3. Absences to prevent the spread of infection due to "cold symptoms" or "illness of a family member" are not considered to require suspension.
  4. If a child is determined to be at high risk for serious illness due to a family member living with the child or the child's own underlying medical condition, the child's absence will not be counted as absent as previously.

3. Close contact with family members, etc., who tested positive

In principle, there are no longer any restrictions on going out or any obligation to report as a person in close contact with a patient with COVID-19. If a family member living with you has tested positive for COVID-19 but you are asymptomatic, please stay at home and consider testing with an antigen test kit, etc. (Please see above chapter 2 for the guidelines for school-aged children who have been in close contact with a COVID-19 patient)
Be sure to take precautions against infection and monitor your own health status closely.

4. Medical fees for COVID-19 patients

If you become an outpatient or inpatient with COVID-19 after May 8, 2023, you will no longer be subsidized by the government and will be responsible for your own medical expenses and hospital meals (covered by insurance).
Certain government designated medications and a portion of inpatient fees will be subsidized until September 30, 2023.
> See Chiba Prefecture HP for details (Japanese) / 千葉県ホームページ(日本語)

5. Over-the-counter medicines

It is okay to take over-the-counter antipyretics from drugstores. Please check the dosage and volume carefully before use.

(Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website on ‘How to choose an over-the-counter fever and pain reliever’)

However, please consult your family physician first in the following cases

  • If you are taking other medications, pregnant, lactating, elderly, or recovering from an illness.
  • If you have ever experienced allergic symptoms or asthma due to medication, etc.
  • If you have severe symptoms such as severe pain or high fever, or if your medical condition has lasted for a long time.

6. Have no symptoms but would like to be tested

In Chiba Prefecture, the distribution of free test kits has ended on February 28, 2023, and the government-funded PCR test will also end on May 7, 2023. Individuals will be required to pay for the tests at their own expense.

For information on testing centers that provide self-funded (full co-payment) testing, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Please note that the Matsudo City subsidy for the purchase of antigen test kits will continue after May 8, 2023 for the time being.

> More details on PCR test subsidy (Japanese) / PCR検査助成について(日本語)

> More details on antigen test kit subsidy (Japanese) / 松戸市の抗原検査キット助成について(日本語)

7. Vaccinations and its fees

Vaccinations will continue to be available at no cost to individuals after May 8, 2023 through March 31, 2024.

8. Certificate of home medical treatment

If you test positive on or after May 8, 2023, we will no longer issue a Certificate of Medical Treatment because we will no longer ask you to be hospitalized or to refrain from going out. Regarding insurance claims, please check with your insurance company for documents that can be used as substitutes for the Certificate of Medical Treatment (medical statements, prescriptions containing COVID-19 medication, etc.) when submitting your claims.

9. Mask wearing

Since March 13, 2023, the wearing of masks has been left to the personal decision of the individual, respecting the individual's independent choice. Please make sure that you do not force a person to wear a mask against his/her will. However, we ask for your cooperation in situations where wearing a mask as a measure to prevent infection is effective or when symptoms are present.
(Please see above chapter 2 for the guidelines on mask use for school-aged children infected with COVID-19)

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1. 検査キットで自身が陽性、または症状があって受診する場合



0570-200-139 (毎日24時間受付)


0120-415-111 (平日8時30分から17時まで)

2. 外出制限・療養期間




3. 家族、接触者が陽性


4. 医療費


5. 市販の薬

市販の解熱剤を服用しても問題ありません。用法・容量等をよく確認の上、ご使用ください。 市販の解熱鎮痛剤の選び方(厚生労働省ホームページ)
  • 他の薬を内服している場合や妊娠中、授乳中、高齢、病気療養中の場合。
  • 薬などによりアレルギー症状やぜんそくを起こしたことがある場合。
  • 激しい痛みや高熱など、症状が重い場合や病状が長くても続いている場合。

6. 無症状だが自主的に検査を受けたい場合



7. ワクチン接種とその費用


8. 療養証明書類


9. マスクの着用


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