「レッツゴー キャム!」Cam, Ikuzo! Come follow Camden’s journey! November 2023


The 2nd Intercultural Cohesion Workshop


On October 27th, I participated in “The 2nd Matsudo City Intercultural Cohesion Workshop in Shin-Matsudo.” Manga artist, entertainer, and broadcast writer Rene Hoshino gave a lecture at the workshop, which gave the participants a valuable opportunity to hear about the experiences from an artist directly.

Rene Hoshino, who is Cameroonian, grew up in Japan as someone with with foreign roots and then went on to create manga about the day-to-day experiences he had. At the workshop, he presented some of the scenes from his manga, which sparked discussion about the issues people of differing backgrounds face in Japan. While Rene Hoshino talked about some anecdotes from his life, the very interesting question of what is “equality” within a society was raised. Is true equality treating everyone the same way regardless of their background? Or when it comes to fostering a society of intercultural cohesion, is true equality adjusting the way we treat people in society based on their individual experiences? For example, a Cameroonian boy raised in Japan like Rene Hoshino returning to Cameroon, and his teacher choosing to not force him to partake in classroom customs he is not used to, since he grew up in a different country. Or, when he leaves the warm climate in Cameroon to return back to the much colder climate in Japan, getting permission from his instructor to be exempt from participating in the winter marathon practice, despite Rene Hoshino’s classmates possibly harboring ill-will towards him as a result. It was definitely a very thought-provoking lecture. Matsudo City is aiming for a society of “intercultural cohesion” in which an equal relationship between those of differing backgrounds is built while at the same time recognizing one another’s cultural differences. It is quite a difficult task, so more discussions regarding what is necessary to bring about an awareness of intercultural cohesion will be needed in the future. This workshop is going to be held again, so if you get the chance please consider participating!

“The Results of an African Boy Growing up in Japan” is a manga based on real experiences that are packaged in the form of a story with very interesting plot developments, which made the workshop a very fun opportunity to think about intercultural cohesion.






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「レッツゴー キャム!」Cam, Ikuzo! Come follow Camden’s journey!







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