MIEA Intercultural Lecture Series 「MIEA世界めぐり」


Take a world trip from home!

The Matsudo International Exchange Association (MIEA) runs an intercultural lecture series called 'MIEA Sekai Meguri', or 'MIEA Around the World'. They invite international guest speakers to first introduce their country and culture to a local audience (generally in English), and then participate in a Q&A session regarding their lecture. The series is very popular, with seats booking out fast!

Upcoming Lecture

2019.02.22 A seminar of Sake

Explore the wonderful world of Japanese sake! Enjoy tasting a wide variety of exotic sake types, hear in-depth stories from experts in the industry, and learn the fundamental knowledge behind this world-renowned delicacy!

When: Friday, February 22nd, 2019 14:00 - 15:30
Where: Matsudo Tourism Information Center, 2F Hall; Matsudo-shi, Honcho 7-3
About 4min walk from Matsudo Station West Exit
Fee: 1,500 Yen for MIEA members; 2,000 Yen for Non-members
Places available: 25
Applications: 047-366-7310 or office@miea.or.jp (Matsudo International Exchange Association)

For more information, please refer to the pamphlet below (Japanese only), or ask MIEA directly if you have any questions.

Past Lectures

2018.10.14 How to dispose of party trash?


Does the concept of dividing all your trash sound difficult? Would you like to help our city by learning the rules while also having a lot of fun? Come to the “Trash Bash” for lots of food, music, games, and knowledge! For more information, please refer to the pamphlet below.

2018.09.20 Beginner German Lesson


Guten morgen! That means "good morning" in German!
Do you want to learn how to say more things in German? Sign up for our beginner's class with MIEA starting next month! Have fun developing new skills and new friendships with like-minded curious individuals!

Date: Every Thursday from September 20th 2018 to November 8th 2018
Time: 10:30 - 12:00
Venue: Culture Hall ('文化(ぶんか)ホール') 国際友好(こくさいゆうこう)ルーム (Matsudo Building 4F)
5 min walk from Matsudo Station West Exit
Lecturer: Mr. Yasuaki Okuno (Reitaku University's Honorary Professor)
One-time Fee: Member 8000 Yen; Non-member 9000 Yen

Matsudo International Exchange Association (MIEA)
Tel: 047-366-7310
Address: Keiyo Gas F Matsudo Dai-ni Building 5F, Konemoto 7-8, Matsudo City

For more information, please refer to the pamphlet below (Japanese only), or ask MIEA directly if you have any questions.

2018.08.08 "Vietnamese Cooking Class"

Let’s experience Vietnamese Coffee making and cooking Vietnamese banana steamed cake!

When: Wednesday, August 8th 13:00 - 16:30
Venue: Cooking Class - Keiyo Gas Daini Matsudo Building 1F
Matsudo-shi, Konemoto 7-8 (10 min from Matsudo Station east exit)

Activity: Making banana steamed cake, Vietnamese coffee
※Lotus tea is available instead of coffee.
Instructor: Coordinator of International Relations (CIR) - Le Ngan Ha
Fee: 1,500 yen for MIEA members; 2,000 yen for non-members
※Vietnamese coffee filters are presented to the participants.
Places available: 25 (Applications are on a first come first serve basis via phone)
Applications: 047-366-7310 (Matsudo International Exchange Association)
Things to bring: Apron, bandana, dish towel

Download the pamphlet (Japanese) below for full details.

2018.01.22 "Plastic food sample workshop"

Come and try making your own wax food samples! Just like the ones Japan is so famous for!

When: January 22nd (Mon) 9:15 a.m.
Meeting place: Matsudo Station
Ending time: 12:30 p.m.
Venue: Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya (Nishi-Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo)

Activity: Making wax food samples (two different kinds of tempura and a head of lettuce)
Fee: 2,200 yen for MIEA members; 2,500 yen for non-members
※Transportation fee is not included
Places available: 20 (priority given to MIEA members) (interpretation from Japanese into Chinese provided)
Reservations: 047-366-7310 (Matsudo International Exchange Association)

Download the pamphlets (Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean) below for full details.

2017.07.08 Let's learn about the Philippines!

Presenter: Mr. Joshua Phillip Romero (native to the Philippines)
Focus: Differences between the Japanese and Filipino education systems, and an introduction to Filipino World Heritage sights
Date: Saturday 8th July, 2017
Time: 15:30~17:00
Venue: 3rd floor, Women's Centre 'Yuu Matsudo' (Jyosei Centre Yuu Matsudo), Honcho 14-10
※With the kind cooperation of the Philippine Department of Tourism

2017.02.26 Russian Salon

Guest Speaker: Ms. Oksana Arakawa (MIEA Cultural Ambassador from Russia)

2016.10.21 Special event - 'Aussie Wine Seminar'

A special Aussie wine event, in celebration of 45 years of sister city friendship with the City of Whitehorse in Australia.

2016.09.03 'A journey around Scotland'

Guest speaker: Ms. Natasha Paterson, Scotland native and local English teacher

2016.06.23 'Dominican Republic, Heart of the Caribbean'

On the 23rd of June the MIEA community was whisked away to the Caribbean! Minister Counsellor Mr. Ernesto Torres-Pereyra of the Dominican Republic Embassy kindly introduced his country to an engaged audience at the Matsudo Chamber of Commerce. His lecture, entitled 'Dominican Republic, the Heart of the Carribean', was a crash course in Dominican geography, history and culture, and was highlighted by an abundance of of beautiful imagery. It was followed by a lively Q&A session.

The audience were later given the opportunity to see and buy some local Dominican wares, with all proceeds donated to charity.

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(公財)松戸市国際交流協会(MIEA)は、「MIEA 世界めぐり」と呼ばれる異文化レクチャー・シリーズを提供しています。ゲスト・スピーカーとして自国の文化の紹介を外国人に依頼し、国際交流協会員と一般の方にも公開している大人気のシリーズです。


2019.02.22 日本酒セミナー


日時:2月22日(金曜) 14:00 - 15:30
申込:電話047-366-7310又はメール office@miea.or.jp



2018.09.20 初めてのドイツ語講座


Guten morgen! はドイツ語の「おはようございます」です。

日時:9月20日から11月8日まで 毎週木曜日午前10時30分から正午
講師:奥野 保明氏(麗澤大学名誉教授)
費用:会員8,000円 非会員9,000円

TEL: 047-366-7310
住所:松戸市小根本7の8 京葉ガスF松戸第2ビル 5階

2018.08.08 ベトナム料理教室


日時: 平成30年8月8日(水曜) 午後1時から4時半まで
場所: 京葉ガス第2松戸ビル1階 料理教室
松戸市小根本7の8 (松戸駅東口から徒歩10分)
作るメニュー: ベトナムの蒸しケーキ(バナナ味)、ベトナムコーヒーの入れ方、連茶
費用: 会員(1,500円)、非会員 (2,000円)
定員: 25名(電話で先着順申込)
申込み: 松戸市国際交流協会 047-366-7310
持ち物: エプロン・バンダナ・ふきん 


2018.01.22 MIEA世界めぐり~食品サンプル製作体験~


日時: 1月22日(月曜) 午前9時15分松戸駅集合、12時30分現地解散予定
費用:会員(2,200円)、非会員 (2,500円)
定員:20名(会員優先) 日本語・中国語通訳つき
申込み:松戸市国際交流協会 047-366-7310


2017.07.08 ~フィリピンの教育と観光の話を英語で聴いてみよう~


会場:女性センターゆうまつど 3階 研修室(松戸駅西口徒歩7分)

平成29年2月26日 ロシアサロン

講師: 荒川オクサナさん (ロシア出身・まつど国際文化大使)

平成28年10月21日 特別なイベント: オーストラリアのワイン産業を学ぶ~オージーワインセミナー


平成28年9月3日 「スコットランドの話を英語で聴いてみよう」

講師: Natasha Patersonさん(スコットランド出身、英会話学校講師)

平成28年6月23日 「ドミニカ共和国、カリブの中心」


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文化スポーツ部 国際推進課

千葉県松戸市小根本7番地の8 京葉ガスF松戸第2ビル5階
電話番号:047-710-2725 FAX:047-363-2653