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November 2016 Events Summary

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Festival Events 祭り等

1. Autumn leaves viewing in Matsudo 松戸市内の紅葉スポット

Matsudo City is the perfect place to enjoy Japan's richly colored autumn leaves. The most popular locations are Hondo-ji Temple* and Tozen-ji Temple (via Kita-Kogane Stn), and Tojogaoka Historical Park (surrounding Tojo-tei Historical House, via Matsudo Stn). Peak season is from mid-November until early December. Don't forget your camera!

*Entrance to the Hondo-ji Temple grounds in November costs 500 yen (elementary school-aged children and below are free). Other locations are free of charge for all visitors.

紅葉の見頃は11月中旬から12月上旬までです。 詳しくは、それぞれのスポットのHPをご覧ください。

2. Evening illuminations in Matsudo 松戸市内の夜イルミネーション

The 14th annual 'KOGANE Illuminations' will take place each evening from the 19th of November until the 9th of January (17:00-22:00) around Kita-Kogane Station.

Furthermore, the entrance of Shin-Matsudo Station will also be lit up during their annual 'Festival of Light'. This can be enjoyed from the 23rd of November until the 9th of January (17:00-23:00).

「第14回 黄金 (KOGANE) イルミネーション」
北小金駅周辺 11月19日~1月9日、17:00から22:00まで

「第13回 新松戸 光のフェスタ」
新松戸駅前 11月23日~1月9日、17:00から23:00まで

'KOGANE Illuminations' flyer

3. Agricultural Festival in Forest & Park for the 21st Century まつど大農業まつり @21世紀の森と広場

The Agricultural Festival is a celebration of autumn and of local produce. There will be a flower auction, vegetable judging (who will win Matsudo's best veggie?!), and delicious autumn treats for sale. Definitely give the pork miso soup a try - it even comes with chewy rice cake and will warm you right up.

Date: Wednesday 23rd of November (public holiday)
Place: Forest & Park for the 21st Century
Parking: Available (500 yen per day, or at an hourly rate depending on the carpark)


会場:21世紀の森と広場 松戸市千駄堀269

4. Matsudo Tennis Club's 34th annual 'Imoni-kai'  第34回のいも煮会 (松戸テニスクラブ)

Imoni is a type of taro and meat soup eaten traditionally in the autumn in the Tohoku region of Japan. Yamagata Prefecture in particular is famous for its imoni, but other prefectures in the region also have their own different varieties. Matsudo Tennis Club hosts a free 'Imoni-kai' every year using local ingredients. Come along and give Imoni a try!

Date: Thursday 3rd of November (public holiday)
Time: 11:00~15:00
Place: Edogawa riverbank, nearby the Katsushika bridge on National Highway 6
Enquiries: Call Matsudo Tennis Club on 047-362-3047

Imoni-kai promotional poster

Exhibitions 展示

1. "Mankind and the stone axe", special exhibition @ Matsudo Municipal Museum 「石斧(いしおの)と人-3万年のあゆみ-」、松戸土市立博物館の企画展

Man's relationship with stone has continued for over 30,000 years from the paleolithic period until today. This special exhibition pertains to the stone axes used in Japan, and to the shifts and cultural phenomenons that have influenced their use.

Dates: Until the 23rd of November
Place: Exhibition hall, Matsudo Municipal Museum. Sedabori 671, Matsudo City
Admission: Adults - 300yen, High school/university students - 150yen, elementary school students and children - free


2. Holiday planetarium screenings @ Naoko Space Planetarium プラネタリウム室の新しい上映スケジュール

The Matsudo Shimin Kaikan (Citizens' Centre) is home to the 'Naoko Space Planetarium', aptly named after former astronaut and Matsudo local Naoko Yamazaki. The planetarium runs weekend and public holiday screenings, as follows -

Dates: 3rd of November - 18th of December, 2016.
Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays

Programs: "The story of Aries" (approx. 20min, for children), 13:30 and 14:30
"Demon stars and mysterious stars" (new program!, approx. 40min), 10:30 and 15:30

Entry fee: 50yen for adults, free for children. Entry tickets are required and can be picked up/purchased on the 2nd floor up to 30min prior to each screening.

Location: Matsudo Shimin Kaikan. 4th floor, Matsudo 1389-1 (5-10min walk from Matsudo Station)


3. PARADISE AIR Open Studio "Paradise Hour" オープンスタジオ 「PARADISE HOUR」

Local artist-in-residence program PARADISE AIR is having an 'Open Studio'! Take a peek at the residency spaces, sit in on an artist talk, enjoy some live music, have some food and drinks, take in a local walking tour...the list goes on. It will definitely be cool.

Dates: Saturday 5th of November and Sunday 6th of November
Time: 13:00~20:00 (walking tours will leave at 15:00 each day)
Location: PARADISE AIR studio, Rakuen Building, Central Matsudo
Entry: Free

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。日本語で詳しくは、こちらをご覧ください。

Other その他

1. "The Beer Train", celebrating 120 years of the JR Joban Line 「キリン一番搾り」と「宴」の旅、JR常磐線の開業120周年の特別なイベント

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the JR Joban Line. For Matsudo locals, the Joban Line is the most vital link we have to the big city. It connects Chiba prefecture's Toride Station with Ueno Station in Tokyo, and passes through Matsudo Station on the way.

To celebrate this milestone JR have organised a special service to travel from Toride, down the Joban Line to Minami-Senju, out to Tabata Yards, and then back. The service will be run by special train 'Utage', which is set up with tables for dining and drinking. Each passenger ticket will come with a luxury bento-box and all-you-can-drink Kirin Beer (!!).

This is likely to be the only opportunity to ride the 'Beer Train' down the Joban Line, so tickets will sell out fast! Let's all celebrate the line that keeps us 'close-but-not-too-close' to Tokyo.

Date: Friday November 11th, 2016 (PM)
Departure time dependent upon station.
Tickets: 6500 yen (minimum purchase of 2 tickets)
To be purchased from the View Plaza Travel desk at Matsudo, Kashiwa, Kanamachi or Kita-Senju Stations, until sold out.


2. Australian BBQ Experience, presented by MIEA (公財)MIEAが提供する「オーストラリアの食文化を探る!オージーBBQ体験

Our friends at the Matsudo International Exchange Association are putting on an Aussie BBQ in collaboration with Club Australia. This will be a fun opportunity to learn more about Australian culture, and to try some barbecue fare.

Date: Saturday 19th of November
Time: 10:30 ~ 14:00
Location: Chiba University Horticulture Department
Price: 2500 yen per person. Bookings required. Call MIEA directly on 366-7310.

3. "The future of Australia-Japan relations", special lecture @ Matsudo Cultural Hall 成人講座「日本とオーストラリアのこれから」

In recognition of 45 years of sister city friendship between Matsudo City and the City of Whitehorse in Australia, the Lifelong Learning Promotions Division has organised a series of Australia-themed public lectures. "The future of Australia-Japan relations" is their final lecture, and will be given by a representative from the Australian Embassy.

Date: Saturday the 19th of November
Time: 10:30~12:30
Place: Matsudo Cultural Hall, 4th floor Matsudo Building (beside Isetan)
Reservations: Limited to 40 people. Call the Lifelong Learning Promotions Division on 367-7810 to book your place


4. MIEA Japanese Speech Contest for foreign residents, registration now open! (公財)MIEAの日本語スピーチ・コンテスト、外国人の出場者募集中

It's MIEA speech contest time again! If you're a foreign national and you live, work or study in Matsudo, this one is for you! All details are in the below poster. Any enquiries should be directed to MIEA, on 047-366-7310.

5. PARADISE AIR artists in residence  PARADISE AIRのアーティスト・イン・レジデンス

PARADISE AIR is in the midst of the Long Stay Program, hosting Thai-American artist Mr. Purin Phanichpant for 3 months from October to the end of December. Read more about Purin here.

There are also two foreign artists scheduled to complete a Short Stay Program residency in November, as follows -

Tomas Silva & Felipe Rodriguez
(22nd November - 6th December)
Nationality: Colombian
Speciality: Installations

Visit the Paradise Air website for full profiles and further information. Also keep an eye on their Facebook page for details about exhibitions, lectures and other opportunities to meet the visiting artists.


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