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Festival Events 祭り等

1. Tojo Wisteria Festival 戸定の藤まつり

Around 40 potted wisteria plants will be on display in Tojo Park from mid April into early May. On loan from the Kanegasaku Nursery, the wisteria will bloom a beautiful white, pink and purple, with a lovely aroma to match.

Dates: Friday 14th April - Friday 5th of May
Time: 9:00 - 17:00
Place: 'Tojogaoka Rekishi Koen' (Tojo Park), Matsudo 714-1 (10min walk from Matsudo Station East Exit)
Fee: Free entry to Park. Entrance fee applies to Tojo-tei House and Museum

Potted wisteria 鉢植えの藤


会場:戸定が丘歴史公園、松戸714-1 (松戸駅東口から徒歩10分)
費用:無料 (戸定歴史館と戸定邸への入館は別途入館料が必要。)

2. Children's Festival こども祭り

Keep the kids entertained at the Forest & Park for the 21st Century during this year's Children's Festival. There will be over 30 activity booths on site, with more displays, crafts, old-fashioned games, and quizzes on offer than you can poke a stick at! There will also be stage performances by a variety of community groups and an eco-friendly 'mikoshi'-building activity (giving the kids a chance to build a portable shrine out of recycled materials).

Date: Wednesday 3rd of May, 2017* (public holiday)
Time: 10:00 - 15:00
Location: Forest & Park for the 21st Century, Sendabori
Entry: FREE
*In the event of rain, the festival will be postponed to the 4th of May

日時:29年5月3日(祝日)、10:00 - 15:00


3. Mori Hiro Festa 2017 -Kids Kingdom- モリヒロフェスタ2017~こどもの王国~

This year's Mori Hiro Festa will take place during the Friday and Saturday of 'Golden Week'. The park will come alive with kids activities, performances, and food (!), promising a fun day for children and parents alike.

Dates: Friday 5th - Saturday 6th of May, 2017
Hours: 10:00-16:00
Location: Forest & Park for the 21st Century, Sendabori
Entry: FREE

  • Mori Hiro Kids Park
    Friday 5th of May, 10:00-13:00, nearby the Park Centre
    A variety of interactive workshops for kids (craft, dance, etc.)
    (A fee applies to some activities)
  • Mori Hiro Kids Concert (FREE!)
    Saturday 6th of May, 11:00~ and 14:00 (each show will last approx. 60min)
    Stage: Under the park bridge
    A live theatre-style performance of song and dance
  • Matsudo Marche
    Both days, 10:00-16:00
    A gathering of 15 food trucks and food stalls will be on site, offering a wide variety of gourmet take away options
  • Forest Play Area (FREE!)
    Both days, 11:00-16:00
    Old-fashioned games (marbles, bamboo stilts, etc.) and the ever popular 'Autumn Leaf Pool'
  • Mori Hiro Kids Cinema (FREE!)
    Both days, 10:00-16:00. Park Theatre, Park Centre 2F
    Free movie screening for kids (e.g. Peter Pan, and other world renowned hits)

4. 'Let's Get to Know Australian Culture' - sister city anniversary celebration and exhibition もっと知りたいオーストラリア&広げよう!国際交流の輪 (姉妹都市提携記念イベントと展示)

This month marks the 46th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Matsudo and the City of Whitehorse in Australia. In recognition of this, the Matsudo International Exchange Assocation will hold a special Australian cultural celebration and an Australia-themed student art exhibition. Let's learn more about our sister city and Australia!


'Let's Get to Know Australian Culture', special event
Date: Saturday 13th of May
Time: 11:00 - 14:00
Place: Matsudo Station West Exit deck
Activities: Craft stalls for kids, Aboriginal cultural exhibitions and music/dance performances, items for sale, etc.
Enquiries: Contact the Matsudo International Exchange Assoc. directly. TEL: 047-366-

Student Art Exhibition
Dates: Friday 12th - Friday 26th of May
Place: Matsudo Station Citizens' Gallery, east side (thoroughfare parallel to the station ticket gates)
Artwork by: Students from Matsudo Daigo Middle School
Theme: "Inspired by Aboriginal Art"
Enquiries: Contact the Matsudo International Exchange Assoc. directly. TEL: 047-366-7310
※ A Sister City exhibition will also be on display

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。日本語で詳しくは、松戸市国際交流協会のHPへ

5. Spring Flower Festival 春の花まつり

Held amongst the 'Flower Line' hobby flower beds alongside the Edogawa River, the Spring Flower Festival is a lovely day out in the local community. There will be educational booths, marine life exhibitions, quiz challenges, canoe experiences, flowers for sale, and more!

Date: Saturday 27th of May*
Time: 10:00-14:00
*will be postponed to Sunday the 28th in the case of rain. If it rains both days, the event will be cancelled
Location: Edogawa River, under the Kami-katsushika Bridge (approx. 20min walk from Matsudo Station)

Edogawa Flower Line

Exhibitions 展示など

1. "Prince Tokugawa's Meiji - the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate", exhibition @ Tojo Museum プリンス・トクガワ 徳川昭武が歩んだ幕末・明治、展示 @ 戸定歴史館

The House of Tokugawa ruled Japan over a period of 264 years until 1867 (the Edo Period). The “shogun” was at the top of this ruling structure. The younger brother of the last shogun was Akitake Tokugawa. He was expected to be the successor to his older brother, and was sent to the 1867 Paris Exposition as a representative of the shogun where he carried out court diplomacy with the kings and emperors of other countries. However, a change in government occurred while he was in Paris, and by the time he returned to Japan, the era of the House of Tokugawa was already over.

In celebration of 150 years since Prince Tokugawa's participation in the Paris Exposition, Tojo Museum has organised a special exhibition of his posessions and photographs. This collection is a window back in time to a period of dramatic change in Japan.

Dates: Saturday 18th March - Sunday 25th of June, 2017 (open daily, excl. Mondays)
Hours: 9:30 - 17:00 (last entry at 16:30)
Venue: Tojo Museum, Matsudo 714-1 (ten min. walk from Matsudo Station East Exit)
Fee: General 240 yen, High school/University students 150 yen (includes entry to Tojo-tei House)

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。日本語で詳しくはこちら

2. 'Tohoku's traditional Kokeshi dolls', a special exhibition @ Matsudo Municipal Museum 館蔵資料展「木の造形 東北の伝統のこけし」

Approximately 300 traditional handicraft Kokeshi dolls from the Tohoku Region have been taken out of storage and will be on display throughout May and into June. Each doll has a unique facial expression and pattern. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about traditional craft in Japan.

Dates: Tues. 25th April - Sun. 11th of June
Location: Exhibition Hall, Matsudo Municipal Museum. Sendabori 671
Hours: 9:30 - 17:00 (last entry at 16:30)
Closed: Mondays (the following day if Monday is a public holiday), the 4th Friday of the month

Fee: Free
URL: Matsudo Municipal Museum (Japanese only)

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。日本語で詳しく、市立博物館のHPへ

Other その他

1. Gathering of foreign parents and babies @ Shin Matsudo 'Hot Room' (public playspace) 海外から来たママとパパの広場 @ 新松戸 ほっとるーむ

On the 4th Thursday of every month the Shin Matsudo 'Hot Room' playspace holds a casual gathering for foreign parents and their babies. The session is also popular amongst parents with foreign spouses, parents who have lived overseas in the past, and those who have an interest in foreign cultures. It is completely free and open to anyone with a young child (generally up to the age of 3). For more information, click here.

Date: Thursday 25th of May, 2017
Time: 10:30 onwards (bring a packed lunch to eat afterwards if you like)
Location: Shin Matsudo 'Hot Room', Shin Matsudo 3-1-4
Contact: 047-375-8737

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。日本語で詳しくこちら

2. PARADISE AIR artists in residence PARADISE AIRのアーティスト・イン・レジデンス

May is a busy month for Paradise Air, with three artists set to complete a Short Stay Program residency -

Ragnhild May
(2nd - 16th May)
Nationality: Danish
Speciality: Visual arts and music

Judith Goudsmit
(2nd - 16th May)
Nationality: Dutch
Speciality: Film

Evgenia Emets
(16th - 30th May)
Nationality: Russian
Speciality: Multi-disciplinary

Visit the Paradise Air website for further information.


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