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ドミニカ共和国との協力 Dominican Republic collaboration

In Autumn of 2015 Matsudo City hosted a Diplomatic Corps Study Tour. Highlights included watching a sumo training session at Sadogatake Stable, exploring Tojo-tei house, and taste-testing Matsudo's famous pears at a local pear orchard. This tour prompted the formation of a close friendship between Matsudo City and the Dominican Republic Embassy.

The Dominican Republic is a small country located in the Caribbean region. It is well known as a baseball powerhouse, with many of it's players exported to the North American baseball leagues. The DR has a history of Japanese immigration and settlement, and is welcoming towards the Japanese.



Key data 基本データ

Location: The eastern half of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, the second largest island within the Greater Antilles archipelago. The DR is bordered by Haiti to the west
Area: 48,730 square kilometres
Capital: Santo Domingo
Population: 10,478,756 people (as at July 2015)
Official Language: Spanish
Time Zone: 13 hours behind Japan (UTC-4)
Climate: Tropical, with an annual average temperature of 25 degrees celsius

位置: カリブ海に位置するイスパニョーラ島東部。大アンティル諸島で二番目に大きな島であり、同島西部にあるハイチと国境を接する
面積: 48,730平方キロメートル
首都: サントドミンゴ
人口: 10,478,756人 (平成27年7月現在)
標語: スペイン語
時間帯: 日本とドミニカ共和国の時差は-13時間 (UTC-4)
気候: トロピカル、年間平均気温は約25度

The DR, located in the Caribbean

2017.09 Visit to a local pear farm by Ambassador Dominguez 平成29年9月:ドミンゲス大使の市内の梨園への訪問

Dominican Ambassador Mr. Hector Dominguez, his wife Ms. Alexandra Alvarez and fellow embassy officials made a visit to local pear orchard ‘Yoshinoen’ on the 15th of September 2017. They were warmly welcomed by Councillor Nakagawa (who visited the Dominican Republic as a member of the city delegation in 2016) and by city staff.

Our Dominican visitors taste tested several varieties of pears, engaged in discussion regarding the Matsudo-DR pear project, and then ventured into the orchard to try their own hand at pear picking. Matsudo and the Dominican Republic sit at roughly the same height above sea level, making the cultivation of pears in the DR an attractive opportunity for collaboration.

With smiles all around, this year’s orchard experience was another great meeting of friends. We eagerly anticipate the success of our upcoming agricultural collaborations. A heartfelt thank you to the Majima family of Yoshinoen Orchard for their kind hospitality on the day.




2017.07 Host Town Exchange 'Aisha Syed Violin Concert' 平成29年7月:ホストタウン交流 「アイシャ シエド・バイオリン コンサート」

Dominican violinist and Goodwill Ambassador Ms. Aisha Syed Castro gave an intimate concert at the City Assembly Hall. The concert was in recognition of Matsudo's designation as the Official Host Town of the Dominican Olympic and Paralympic teams in the lead up and during the Tokyo 2020 Games, and was an excellent initiative to further strengthen the friendship between Matsudo and the DR.

Click here for photos and to learn more.


2020年東京オリンピック・パラリンピック競技大会に向け、松戸市とホストタウン登録をしているドミニカ共和国との交流を図るため、ドミニカ共和国バイオリニスト アイシャ・シエド氏が来松しコンサートを開催しました。

2016.11 Official visit by the Director General of the Dominican Agrarian Institute 平成28年11月:ドミニカ共和国農地庁長官の公式訪問

Director General of the Dominican Agrarian Institute Mr. Emilio Toribio made an official visit to Matsudo in mid-November.

Click here for photos and to learn more about his visit.



2016.10 Pear picking visit 平成28年10月:梨もぎ体験

Matsudo City is currently in contact with the Dominican Ministry of Agriculture to investigate potential avenues for collaboration. Most notably, we hope to start a pear growing project in the central region of La Vega. This would present an excellent opportunity for municipal and economic exchanges between our communities.

On Thursday the 6th of October, Minister Counsellor Mr. Ernesto Torres-Pereyra visited local orchard Yoshino-en to learn more about Japanese pears and to try his hand at pear-picking. He was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Orihara, Councillor Nakagawa, Councillor Miyama, and several other city representatives. The weather was excellent and, despite it being the end of the Japanese pear season, there were still a lot of fruit on the trees. Many thanks to the Majima family for welcoming everyone to their orchard, and for taking Minister Counsellor Torres through ‘pear 101’!




2016.06 Official visit to the Dominican Republic 平成28年6月:ドミニカ共和国への公式訪問

A delegation of six city representatives made an official visit to the Dominican Republic at the end of June. Visit the Tour Summary page for photos and learn more about the tour.


2016.02 Cultural presentation at Matsudo Municipal High School 平成28年2月:ドミニカ共和国の美しさに魅了―市立松戸高校でプレゼン 

On Wednesday the 24th of February, Minister Counsellor Mr. Ernesto Torres-Pereyra of the Dominican Republic Embassy visited Matsudo Municipal High School. Using both powerpoint and videos, he introduced Dominican culture and history to approximately 80 students in the school's international program. Many of the students were mesmerized by the beauty of the Caribbean nation, commenting that they have 'no choice' but to visit in the future!

Minister Torres Pereyra happily remarked that he was impressed by how respectful the students were during his presentation, and that he is glad to have introduced them to the Dominican Republic.



2015.12 Visit from the Ambassador 平成27年12月: ドミニカ共和国大使の訪問

In December 2015 the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic, His Excellency Mr. Hector Dominguez, visited Matsudo City Hall for a meeting with Mayor Hongoya. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration between Matsudo and the DR Embassy, and to learn more about Dominican culture. Both men were particularly keen to discuss baseball!
平成27年12月4日(金曜)に、駐日ドミニカ共和国特命全権大使 エクトル・ドミンゲス閣下が松戸市役所を訪れ、本郷谷市長と会談をしました。松戸市とドミニカ共和国大使館が協力できる事業について話し合ういい機会だっただけではなく、ドミニカ共和国の文化などについても色々聞かせてもらいました。野球の話が特に盛り上がりました!

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